The Copti sectorate is the original home of humanity, and was the initial stage of galactic expansion. Its relevance on the galactic stage is still substantial. For its institutions, people, ideas, and language. Over the past few centuries, Coptic elements have been responsible for several conflicts and acts of dissidence, and suffered greatly for it. From the formation of the Serene Coalition by Praeton Euphenius Theloni, to the galactic civil war known as the Elector War, spearheaded by Illion Ashanar.

Politically, Copti has gone back and forth between being a republic and a constitutional monarchy. It's current monarch, known as a Praeton, is Vestor Illion Ashanar. While she is busy, her great-niece is the acting Praeton of the Copti sectorate. Copti is a member of the Ashanar Confederacy

Coptic culture is predominant in the Copti sectorate. Tyraphi culture has always had a significant presence, and since the end of the Elector War, Dari culture is rising.


Copti's influence on galactic history and galactic culture is significant as the founders of the Serene Republics, the galaxy's first galactic power. Copti is a constitutional monarchy, and its monarch is known as a Praeton, regardless of sex. Vestor Illion is the Praeton of Copti, but given her responsibility as Vestor, her great-niece Illion II, who also is the heir to the title, assumes her responsibilities in the Vestor's absence.

Coptic contribution to galactic expansion goes unmeasured to this day. As the proponents and the leading force of the Serene Republics, they left a permanent mark on the galaxy. The Copti Sectorate is the original home of humanity, from Estias. Its institutions, ideals, people and even naming traditions has spread across the galaxy.

Over the past few centuries, Coptic elements have been responsible for several conflicts and acts of dissidence, and have suffered greatly for it for the last 300 years. From the days of the Serene Coalition led by Praeton Euphenius Theloni, to the Elector War, spearheaded by Illion Ashanar, the current Praeton of Copti and the Vestor of the Ashanari Confederacy.

Historically, Copti in its origin was a Republic after the Praetonarchy (a type of Monarchy) was dissolved, only to reemerge in 518, effectively becoming a constitutional praetonarchy.


State of the Union in 917

The aftermath of Copti has permanently changed the Praetonarchy. The severe depopulation has forced an industrial revolution. Where jobs that can be automated, are automated, which means menial professions that can be easily replaced with robots and other machinery is no longer employed by humans. The Praetonarchy on many occasions has had to present itself as a strongman, and ever so today. The day-to-day running of the Sectorate is run by acting Praeton Illion II, the great-niece of the nominal Praeton and the Vestor of the Confederacy, Illion Ashanar.

Copti has been highly militarized since the start of the Trench Conflict, making it the base of operation for naval actions against the Necazari Federation.


Coptic Culture

Coptic culture is

Coptic culture is probably the most influential culture in the galaxy. They were the leading power in the Serene Republics. The Serene Directorate, along with its predecessor, the Serene Council, were adaptions of the Coptic Union. It´s naming traditions are even widespread, most evident with both Emperor Taius and Vestor Illion, who both have Coptic names, and the title Vestor, is also Coptic in nature. The galactic trade language, Galeti, is a mixture of Coptic and and Dari dialects.

Naming Traditions