Title Necazari Federation
Government Federated Constitutional Empire
Faction Leader Emperor Taius Necazari
Galactic Capital New Nacai
Position of Power #1 Serene Chancellor
Position of Power #2 Sectorate Administrator
Position of Power #3 Grand Magistrate
Legislature Serene Directorate
Common Languages Galeti, Basi, Bruighar, Dari
Demomyms Necazari, Necazar
Currency Federal Credits
Governmental Organizations Sectorate Administration, Nacai Parliament, Magistrate Hall, Emperor's Hall
Governmental Agencies Galactic Highway Constabulary, Department of Armed Forces
Major Influential Organizations Bazgan Dynamics
Leading Industries they make stuff
Affiliate States Nacaius, Bas, Carrow, Ocklay, Corporate Provinces, Gallivant, Dari Territories
Population 900 billion
Prominent culture groups Nacaian, Bas, Bruigh, Old Dari,
Area 666
Prominent Industries