Title Ashanar Confederacy
Government Confederacy
Faction Leader Vestor Illion Ashanar
Galactic Capital Opir
Position of Power #1
Position of Power #2
Position of Power #3
Legislature Confederate Authority
Common Languages Dari, Tyraphi, Coptic, Maketali, Galeti
Demomyms Ashanar, Ashanari, Confederates
Currency Confederate Credits
Governmental Organizations Confederate Administration, Enterprise Commission, Defense Commission
Governmental Agencies Galactic Highway Constabulary, Silaphi
Major Influential Organizations [insert]
Leading Industries Robotics, Manufacturing
Affiliate States Arcazar, Copti, Tyraph, Maketal
Population böns of píps
Prominent culture groups Coptic, Tyraphi, Maketal, Dari
Area 666
Prominent Industries