Name Kabhi
Size 9500km
Gravity 0,6G
Hydrography 80%
Average Temperature 2°C
Local Government Arcazari Satrapy
Length of Day 30 Hours
Length of Year 415 Days
System Mullahzid
Atmosphere Standard
Government Leader The Dude
Capital Ubarrahdah
Population 300,000,000 (5,600,000,000 seasonally)
Demographics Arcazari, Maketo, Coptic, Tyraphi
Common Languages Dari, Galeti, Maketo
Schism Index Rating 59,6
Social Stability Index 83
Disparity Index 41
Prosperity Index 55
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Local Information Few people have a permanent residence on Kabhi. The storm season is extremely volatile, which becomes even more exaggerated with the low gravity conditions on Kabhi
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