Name Urbishun
Size 12,500km
Gravity 1G
Hydrography 61%
Average Temperature 21°C
Local Government Arcazari Satrapy
Length of Day 24 Hours
Length of Year 340 Days
System Urbishun
Atmosphere Standard
Government Leader The Dude
Capital Sal-Urbish
Population 6,500,000,000
Demographics Arcazari, Coptic, Maketo
Common Languages Dari, Galeti
Schism Index Rating 68,6
Social Stability Index 78
Disparity Index 69
Prosperity Index 59
Travellers Be Advised! Stuf happens all the time
Local Information Urbishun is the original Dari settlement in Arcazar, Settled by Chorgan Urbish Dar'Cazar
Notable Locations many places
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