Name Muallar
Size 9500km
Gravity 0,7G
Hydrography 22%
Average Temperature 19°
Local Government Arcazari Satrapy
Length of Day 32 Hours
Length of Year 420 Days
System Mullahzid
Atmosphere Thin
Government Leader The Dude
Capital Bishin
Population 600,000,000 (3,000,000,000 seasonal)
Demographics Arcazari, Maketo, Tyraphi
Common Languages Dari, Galeti, Maketo
Schism Index Rating 54
Social Stability Index 55
Disparity Index 40
Prosperity Index 67
Travellers Be Advised! It is not advised to travel to Muallar during the off season.
Local Information Muallar has an annual tectonic season which renders large portion of the planet uninhabitable. the 6 month period produces substantial valuables, which is harvested the other 6 months of the year
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