Blue Flower

Title Hickory Nation
Government League of Independent System States
Faction Leader Lord Hurricane Low (nominal)
Galactic Capital Arlow (nominal)
Position of Power #1 President of Wyatt
Position of Power #2 Consul of Clementine
Position of Power #3 King of Eli
Legislature Articles of Eli
Common Languages Kory, Galeti, Bruighar,
Demomyms Hickory, Hickorian, Kory
Currency Kory Credits
Governmental Organizations The Hickory Defense Force
Governmental Agencies The Exodus Corps
Major Influential Organizations [insert]
Leading Industries Raw resources, advanced electronics, piracy
Affiliate States The League of Eli
Population 15,000,000,000
Prominent culture groups Hickory, Dari, Bas, Tyraphi, Ocklan
Area 666
Prominent Industries